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DigiTrak Falcon F2®


The Problem

The ability of a locating system to perform in the face of active interference (noise) has become a crucial factor in maintaining crew productivity and completing jobs on time. Interference is one of the primary obstacles to completing HDD projects and can impair the accuracy of underground depth measurements. Because interference varies between jobsites, the frequency at which the underground signal is transmitted is the single most important factor affecting your ability to get the job done.

The Innovation

As a leader in the HDD industry, DCI has taken a revolutionary approach to tackling active interference with Falcon technology. Unlike other locating systems, the Falcon frequency optimizer scans for noise between 4.5 kHz and 45 kHz, then clearly displays a chart that depicts the noise levels across several bands. Choose two of the quietest frequency bands, pair with the Falcon wideband trans­mitter, and get drilling. In areas with varied interference, switch between bands to stabilize data readings and complete the bore. For extreme interference, engage Max Mode for maximum performance.

Get the Job Done

The classic DigiTrak® F2® locating system has earned a reputation as a workhorse locator. With the introduction of Falcon frequency optimization, the DigiTrak Falcon F2 is a more powerful locating system that addresses active interference using a single wideband transmitter. For every jobsite, the Falcon F2 gives you the best frequency to get the job done.



  • DigiTrak Falcon frequency optimization technology
  • Pair two optimized frequency bands for each bore
  • Convenient transmitter pairing using infrared ports
  • Single wideband transmitter supports hundreds of frequencies between 4.5 kHz — 45 kHz
  • Increased performance provides up to 100 ft. (30.48 m) depth and 125 ft. (38.1 m) data range
  • Max Mode boosts data range and stabilizes depth readings in extreme interference
  • 0.1% pitch resolution
  • Target Steering (Aurora Touchscreen Display)
  • Roll Offset
  • 12 transmitter roll positions




Model Number FAR2
Product ID FF2
Receiving Frequencies 4.5 – 45 kHz
Telemetry Channels 4
Telemetry Range (Aurora) 1800 ft (550 m)
Telemetry Range (Falcon Compact Display) 1000 ft (305 m)
Depth Range 100 ft (30.48 m)
Data Range 125 ft (38.1 m)
Power Source DigiTrak lithium-ion battery pack (other options available)
Battery Life 10 – 14 hrs (approx.)
Controls Trigger switch
Graphic Display LCD
Audio Output Beeper
Operating Temperature Range -4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
Accuracy ±5%
Voltage 14.4 VDC nominal
Current 300 mA max
Height x Width x Length 11 x 5.5 x 15 in. (27.9 x 14.0 x 38.1 cm)
Weight (with battery) 7.6 lb. (3.4 kg)
Remote Display Options Falcon Compact Display (FCD) 
Aurora 10.4" Touchscreen Display (AF10)
Aurora 8.4" Touchscreen Display (AF8)



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