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The XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig has a compact structure and decent appearance.

Technical specification sheet

Product model: XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig

Producer: Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

The XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig has a compact structure and decent appearance. Its main technical performance parameters have reached the domestic advanced level. The main parts and components and corollary parts are of the domestic famous brand and have good performance and reliable quality, ensuring the sound reliability of the whole machine.

. Technical features

Strong power: The 179kW diesel engine ensures that the drilling rig can pave the pipes under various complex ground conditions.

High rotation speed of Spindle Drive: The Spindle Drive can keep a high rotation speed even though the drilling rig does not decrease its rotating torque and pulling force for pipe paving, so that the high pipe paving efficiency of drilling rig is ensured.

Dual-speed Spindle Drive: The low drilling and pulling speed ensures the successful construction. The Spindle Drive can accelerate the sliding speed after the drill stem is removed, so that the auxiliary work time is reduced and the work efficiency is enhanced.

Simple drill rod loader: It is helpful to reduce the auxiliary work time and the work intensity of operators.

Floating vice: The proprietary floating vice of the Company shall be adopted, which can prolong the service life of drill stem effectively.

Rotary console: It enlarges the vision filed of operators, reduces their work intensity and makes the drilling rig easier and more comfortable to operate.

Easy maintenance: The reasonable design of engine cap makes it easy to maintain the engine and change the filter element of hydraulic system.

Reasonable system configuration: The rotating, pushing and pulling of Spindle Drive and slurry are driven by different and independent hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump, valve and pipeline are reasonably arranged, minimizing the energy loss.

Wide applicability: The engine is turbocharged so it can boost its power instantly in case of complex ground condition so as to ensure the strong operating power.

. Main technical specification



Dongfeng CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3-C240

Engine rated power

kW /rpm




Rack and pinion

Pulling/pushing force





Rotation speed of spindle drive



Travelling speed of spindle drive






Length of drill rod (single)



Diameter of drill rod



Mud flow rate (Max.)



Mud pressure (Max.)



Entry angle



Overall weight







. Structure and function of main compositions

The XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig is an integral device. The machine is mainly composed of the chassis,spindle drive, engine system, drill frame ,vice, hydraulic system, electrical system and other components.

  1. ChassisThe chassis is mainly composed of the vehicle frame, left and right travel devices. The left and right travel devices can be connected with the vehicle frame by high-strength bolts. The rear end of vehicle frame is fitted with frog-kick hydraulic outriggers. The built-in planet speed reducer (with motor) which has a low running noise, high output torque and compact structure is adopted as the travel speed reducer.
  2. Engine System

    The engine with turbocharged and charge air cooled is made by Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.The rated power of the engine is 179kW/2200rpm. Easy repair and maintenance , high economical efficiency.

  3. Spindle Drive

    The Spindle Drive is the main drive of the drilling rig. The input gear of the Spindle Drive is driven by hydraulic motors. The power is transferred to the drill collar through the gear speed reducer of Spindle Drive.

  4. Drill Frame

    The drill frame is welded by high-strength square steel pipes, and its angle is adjusted by cylinder. The pusher and puller of Spindle Drive are driven by rack-and-pinion..

  5. Vice

    The vice shall use the proprietary floating vice technology of the Company, which can reduce the wear of drill rod threads and prolong the service life of drill stem.

  6. Mud System

    The mud pump is a horizontal three-cylinder and single-acting reciprocating piston pump which is driven by a hydraulic motor.

  7. Electrical System

    Main control function: Control the engine and its monitoring, mud pump, vice, rotation acceleration of Spindle Drive, pushing and pulling acceleration of Spindle Drive, etc. It is composed of the left console, right console, auxiliary console, relay box, various sensor fittings and various instruments, etc.

  8. Hydraulic System

    The hydraulic system driven by gear pump is adopted, which has a strong resistance to pollution. The rotation, pushing and pulling of Spindle Drive are driven by different oil pumps so they will not be affected by each other during the pipe paving. The key hydraulic elements are acquired from International famous companies, which could improve the product reliability.

  Dimension and transport

Dimension(L×W×H)(standard): 7080×2450×2450(mm)

Weight of transport(standard) : 12(t)

Technical documents

The following technical documents are provided for XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig:

Packing list

Certificate of conformity

Operation instructions of XZ400 horizontal directional drilling rig

User’s manual of diesel engine

Operation instructions of mud pump

XZ400 horizontal directional drill spare parts catalogue


Note: Under our policy of continuous product development and improvement,we reserve the right to change specification and design without prior notice.

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