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XZ400A horizontal directional drilling rig

XZ400A horizontal directional drilling rig, which has a compact structure and an attractive appearance, adopts several advanced control technologies and the proprietary technology of the company, and its main performance parameters and control technique have reached international advanced level. The main components of hydraulic system, electrical system and transmission system are of top-grade domestic and international brand, and high reliability.


  1. Characteristics

High power: itadopts 179kW diesel engine with the feature to increase turbine torque, ensuring that drilling rig can lay the pipes well in various complicated geological conditions.

Two-speed unit head: it operates at low speed when drilling and back-dragging to ensure that it works smoothly; it can slide more quickly when the rod breaker moves back and forth under unloaded condition to reduce the auxiliary time and improve work efficiency.

Steel crawler: adaptable to various muddy roads.

Floating-type vise: it applies the proprietary floating-type vise of the company, which can effectively extend the service life of the drill rod.

Rotatable control desk:it widens the visual field and reduces the fatigue of the operator to make the drilling rig operation more simple and comfortable.

Easy operation: the operation can be available by rotating and pushing and pulling the power head respectively, and it is easy for operator to operate the whole drilling rig after a short-term training.

Convenient maintenance: it is easy to carry out the engine maintenance and replacement of

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